Small Computer Desks

With an increasing segment of the workforce working from home, setting up a proper home office is a growing priority.  Most people today simply don't an extra bedroom to allocate to a home office and find themselves having to share space with a guest bedroom, dining room, bedroom, or even kitchen.  Having a small area to work with does not mean your home office should appear cramped, disorganized, or temporary.  There are a number of excellent desks that will meet your needs without sacrificing style.

Small Computer Desk Reviews

No matter what your preference and style, we have found the best computer desks out there.  Please contact us if you uncover any other gems that should be profiled on this site.

Armoire Desk
Armoire Desks

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Standing Desks

Matching Your Decor

Wherever you decide to situate your small computer desk, you will need to pay close attention to the surrounding decor.  For example, if you have an oak dining table nearby, be wary of the potential difference in wood grains.  You may find it easier to go with a dark wood if you will have your desk near light-colored woods.  If you have a wrought iron wine rack or mirror nearby, you might consider a glass computer desk with wrought iron legs. 

Stylish computer deskBeing aware of your existing home decor can help you to select a desk that feels like it was meant to be there.

Types of Computer Desks

How you intend to use the workspace will likely impact the type of desk you select.  If you plan to use a desktop computer at your desk, look for desks that feature a cabinet or shelf to help keep your PC off the ground and wires contained.  If you are primarily a laptop user, a simpler style might fit your decor a bit better while giving you a little bit more space to work with.

If you don't plan to spend several hours a day at your desk, a roll-top desk, secretary desk, or antique writing desk can give you a stylish work but functional work area.  These desks may cost a bit more and often provide a little less space, but will allow you to better share a multi-function room.

Modern computer desks offer trendy styling with more modern enhancements.  Pull-out keyboard trays and a shelf unit for the PC are more common features in modern desks.

Computer Desk Features

Modern Desk

There are several options to consider when purchasing a computer desk.  Will you be using a traditional PC or a laptop?  If you go with a PC, you might look for a keyboard tray and shelf for your PC.  You should also look for a desk has plenty of space for your monitor.  If you will only be using a laptop at your desk, you can save quite a bit of space on those PC-specific enhancements and go with a hutch or other organizational items instead.

Some modern desk improvements have sought to blur the line between desk and computer, creating a desk that becomes an extension of the computer itself.  These desks feature a DVD drive, wiring, and hard drive built into the desk.

Don't Forget the Chair

Fortunately, the chair you select really does not need to match your desk.  You will want to make sure the chair you go with generally matches the same style, but the color and even the materials no longer need to be the same.  Quality office chairs can be found for $100 and provide considerable ergonomic value.

In addition to the chair, you will want to consider a small rug if your desk will be set up on a hardwood floor.  Home offices can produce a lot of traffic which can quickly scuff up your floor.  Invest in a rug and rug mat to make sure you keep those floors protected.
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