How to Build a Custom Desk

Building your own desk is a challenging but potentially rewarding endeavor. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before to find a set of plans that fit exactly the desk you are looking for.

There are a few reasons to consider building a custom desk. First, as the master craftsman, you have complete control over the size and style of your desk? Looking for a simple pine design with a small hutch and an espresso finish? You are the engineer and builder, so you can get exactly what you are looking for.

There are also a few potential pitfalls in building your own desk. Most notably, it can be a considerably difficult undertaking, particularly for an inexperienced carpenter. Wood is also not as cheap as it once was, limiting the amount of money you would save by doing it yourself. Finally, that custom desk could take much longer to build than buy.

built-in deskAgain, it all comes down to your level of experience and desire for a big challenge. If you are up for it, here are a few desk plans worth checking out.

Built-In Desk - if you only have a small nook to work with, why not build a custom built-in desk to fill the space you have available? These plans walk you through the process of building a custom built-in desk.

Computer Armoire - Published by Popular Mechanics, this computer armoire is a classic design. Each door opens up to a work area, shelves, and file drawer.

Computer Desk - this maple computer desk includes a cabinet for your PC and three drawers.

Computer Workstation - this relatively straightforward design includes a hutch and drawer. It is just under 50 inches long - a good size if you have the space.

credenza deskModern Computer Table - one of the more simple designs that you will find, these plans include a keyboard tray and drawer. It is also a more spacious design, with the surface measuring 72 inches across.

Office Credenza - This elegant piece is ready to tackle your basic storage needs and hold your personal computer (and fax machine) -with enough room left over to handle all the paperwork on your busiest days. This design boasts over 12 square feet of surface area.

Single Sheet of Plywood - For maximum bang for your buck, here is a design for a computer desk that requires only a single sheet of plywood.

Student Desk - a compact computer desk well-suited for kids. This design features three drawers and has a simple look.

Rolltop Desk - Made from red oak, this contemporary rolltop writing desk provides a great deal of service in a small space. Based on a classic rolltop design, the piece includes a large drawer as well as a pigeon hole shelf unit for added storage space.