Crazy Computer Desks

Here are a couple of creative designs for computer desks.  Not something you'd find in a set of traditional DIY desk plans. 

Pimp my desk?

The Wing Desk
The Wing Desk - Here is a truly unique desk idea.  Crafted from a 1944 DC-3 wing, this desk would double as a fascinating conversation piece when kept in full view of guests.

If you like this wing desk, check out the Il Primo wing desk built from a Fairchild C-119.  It includes built in cabling and A/C!  Beautiful desk and not cheap.

Vroom - for those that drive fast, work fast, and live fast, here is a great custom desk built off of the back of a corvette.  The raised glass surface.  Really an inmpressive design.  Probably makes the work day fly by.
Car desk
This desk is actually available for sale.  It looks like they hand build the desk from the back of a C5 Corvette and keep the lights working. They'll even custom paint it. 

As cool as it might look here, this one isn't for everyone, plus not that small.  Check out one of the glass computer desks instead.