How to Design the Perfect Home Office

compact computer deskNo matter how big or small the space you are using for your home office, it is important that the layout and decor you select is conducive to the type of work you hope to accomplish.  Below are a few things to think about as you configure your computer desk and other office furniture.

Furniture - generally dictated by the size of your space and budget, but furniture to think about would include your computer desk, filing cabinets, bookshelf, and printer stand.  If your space and budget are large enough, you might also consider a matching table, floor lamp, and one of those classy globes where you can hide liquor inside.

Chair - It is absolutely crucial that you find an ergonomic chair that supports good posture and provides you with a comfortable seat while you work.  If you work from home regularly, you could be spending several hours a day in this chair, so don't skimp!

Television - Is your computer desk going to be used primarily for work or play?  How well do you work with the television on?  Do you want it on in the background as you work?  Personally, I like to work with my television muted in the background, set to CNBC.  Everyone has their own working preferences and those should be kept in mind as you determine where to position your small computer desk.

Lighting - Make sure you have adequate lighting in your work area.  A desk lamp and nearby floor lamp should help supplement overhead lighting in your home office.

Flooring - a home office will often represent one of the highest traffic areas in the house.  Protect your hardwood floors or carpeting from a constantly moving chair with a rug or plastic mat.

Art - what you hang on the wall really is a matter of personal preference.  Do you want super-charged muscle cars racing for glory, cheetahs stalking their prey, or a tranquil pond at sunrise?  Check out or a local gallery and visualize yourself buried in your daily work.  Do you want to feel inspired, energized, or relaxed?  Mirrors are also a popular choice, particularly in areas that could use more light.

Those are just a few of the factors to keep in mind when designing a home office.  Above all, make sure the furniture and decor you select fits your personal style and makes you comfortable as you work.