5 Super-Cool Home Office Design Ideas

We are constantly coming across fantastic examples of people creating a home office with little or no space to work with.  Here are a few excellent examples with photos that might give you some ideas on how to best make use of your space constraints.

Minimalist's CornerThe Minimalist's Corner - presented by Lifehacker, this is a photo pool submitted by readers who are trying to make the best possible use of a corner.  While a corner desk may be the most obvious choice here, you can see that some readers took an innovative approach to using their corners.  As you flip through the photo pool, make note of the fantastic Flickr feature that allows you to see what highlights others have tagged in the photos.

The Backyard Office - this one is quite fascinating.  This guy built a backyard shed and created his home office inside.  If you live in an area with reasonable climate (Hello San Diego), this is a very cool idea that can give you a comfortable home office without sacrificing space inside the house.  This is a great read and the finished product is quite impressive.

The Orderly Office
- If you have $1,800 to spend on designer's fees to help you create a better home office, you might have some pretty cool results.  If not, here are some tips from this New York Times author after working with the pros.  She has some tips on lighting, chairs, and how to tidy up your work space.vintage trailer office

The Vintage Trailer - it's mobile and a classic!  Probably not the cheapest option you have, but this is certainly a fun concept and looks like a relaxing work setting.

The Closet Office - another truly unique idea.  This guy built a home office in his bedroom closet, allowing the desk and everything with it to be easily concealed by closet doors.  The biggest cost here would appear to be loss of closet space, which he solved in part with shelving over the desk.  Neat.