Home Office Hacks

As you buy the right desk to complete the perfect home office, here are a few ideas to help your new home office area run even more efficiently.

Wireless deskUse Automotive Window Tint to Make a Glass Desk Mouse-Friendly - if you decide to go with a computer desk with a glass surface, it is possible that your laser mouse will not work as well as hoped.  This reader suggests using a square of automotive tint to solve the problem.

How to Hide Your Wires - a great guide from Lifehacker on how to properly hide your desk's cables and wires.  This project is time well-spent as the end result can look really sharp.

Baby Proof Your Home Office - have a newly-crawling toddler or one on the way?  Here are some helpful tips on how to baby-proof your home office.

Setting Up Multiple Monitors - For the serious multi-tasker, having more than one monitor is a must.  From PC World, here is the complete guide on how to configure multiple monitors in your home office.