Laptop Desk Buying Guide

As part of the modern workforce, you probably find yourself working from home on a laptop occasionally.  For those who do work from home frequently, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and productive.

1. Find a quiet area for your laptop desk - no matter what your home life might be like, it is important to find a quiet, private area where you can set up your laptop desk.  You'll want an environment you can control as best as possible.  Maybe you like to jam out to Metallica while you are banging out a powerpoint deck or lines of code, but you should have control over that. 

2. Pick the right desk for you - the Small Computer Desk selection guide should give you many of the creteria you should consider when picking out a new desk.

3. Pick up a new laptop cord - keeping your own laptop power cord is a nice inexpensive addition that you will find saves one minor annoyance when packing/unpacking your laptop.  The same can be said for a bluetooth mouse and wireless keyboard.

4. Add a second monitor.  A big one.  The option of a second monitor is one of the real nice (and productive) advantages to working from home.  Pick one up, flip it on, and you'll lose interest in your primary laptop pretty quick.