Selecting the Right Desk for You

When picking out a desk for your home office, there are several criteria to evaluate.  Here are a few to keep in mind.

Primary Use - whether you will be using the desk mostly for writing, working on a computer, or making calls, come up with the few key tasks that make up 90%+ of the time you will spend at your desk.  Any desk you select should support these.

partner deskWho Will Be Using It - will it be you?  Someone else?  Your kids?  Can you handle sharing (or staring - see right) with your husband/wife?  Make sure your desk can support multiple users if necessary.

Computer Needs - Using a computer?  Is it a laptop or a PC?  Do you use dual monitors?  Or even additional monitors?  Be sure you have the surface area needed to handle your computer requirements.

Printing Stuff - many people using a home office need a nearby printer.  Where will yours be?  If it needs to be within arm's reach, be sure your computer desk has plenty of size or a tray specifically designed for printers - as you would find in many armoire desks.  An alternative solution here is a wireless printer, which allows you to print to anywhere else in your home office environment without too many cords.

artist deskPrice - of course, your budget may help narrow your options.

Desk Size - know how big a space you have to work with before you fall in love with the wrong size desk.

Home Office Style - going with a modern look?  A glass-top desk might be right for you.  Something more classic?  You might want to go with an antique writing desk or a rolltop desk.  You might even be more adventurous and start out in search of a one-of-a-kind piece to make your home office a topic of guest conversation.

Seated or Standing - as standing desks become increasingly popular, consider whether you really want a traditional desk with a chair or whether you will work more effectively with a standing desk.  This will probably be dictated to a degree by where your desk will be located, but should be a consideration.

In summary, understanding exactly what you need from your desk will make your search an even more successful one.