Armoire Desks

If you are considering a small computer desk, chances are you have limited space to work with.  Perhaps your home office shares space with a bedroom or primary living area.  An armoire desk is a popular choice for these types of home offices. 

An armoire computer desk is a a cabinet-style cabinet that opens up to a small computer desk.  It can easily conceal a monitor, keyboard, desktop PC, and other accessories behind beautiful closed doors.  If you plan to set up your desk in an area where you don't want your work to be in full view, these desks are nice choices.

Armoire DeskTop Pick

The Harbor View Computer Desk Armoire is a beautiful armoire computer desk with a small footprint.  Measuring 33 1/4" wide and 21 3/4" deep, it provides good vertical storage space and features a roll-out keyboard tray, allowing you to pull up a chair and turn this simple armoire cabinet into a complete home office.

The Harbor View desk has an antiqued paint finish and has space for a PC unit, monitor, keyboard, speakers, and a printer.  It offers two adjustable shelves and a full top shelf.  Most of the desk is concealed behind two louver doors.

Desk Footprint:  33 1/4" W x 21 3/4" D

For a small computer desk that provides plenty of storage space and is easily concealed, this is a great choice.  Available for under $350 at Amazon, you get a solid desk at a great price.

More Armoire Desks

Available in a variety of colors and wood grains, these cabinet desks are also a popular style of antique desk.  Some of the nicer armoire desks include touches such as hidden computer tower compartment, built-in surge protector, pull out keyboard tray, and pull out shelves for printers and other accessories.  Here are a few current eBay listings:

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Again, the armoire desk isn't for everyone.  If you work from home full-time, you many find it a bit uncomfortable to spend several hours a day working with minimal surface area.  However, if you require a home office that takes up a very small space and is easily hidden, a small cabinet computer desk is a terrific choice.