Glass Computer Desks

Computer desks with glass tops offer a contemporary look for your home office.  Surprisingly affordable, these desks provide a clean work surface for you to work on.  A glass top computer desk will fit the decor of many home offices, particularly those with modern style furniture.

Glass surfaces, once popular on larger wood desks, have become increasingly popular on metal frames.  Glass desks are available in pewter, brushed steel, and a variety of other modern finishes.  A glass top provides an excellent finish to a small computer desk.  They provide a simple, attractive finish to your home office.

Glass computer deskTop Pick

The Functional Metal & Glass Desk by visiondecor is a small glass computer desk with just enough room for your monitor, keyboard, CPU, plus a couple of small shelves and workspace.

Desk Footprint: 47.5" W x 25.62" D

This space saving desk comes with a nickel finish and clean, simple lines.  The frosted glass top provides a beautiful finish.  The desk features a pull out shelf for your CPU.  The desk currently sells for just $160 on Amazon, making it a fantastic bargain if you are in the market for a small desk.

More Glass Desks

Often these desks feature adjustable shelves and a keyboard tray, making them an ideal choice for a new computer desk.  They are available in a range of sizes, often in sizes that fit compact work spaces.  Those with multiple trays are often designed to hold a desktop PC and a printer, making excellent use of a limited footprint.

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One tip if you decide to go with a glass top desk - pick up some cord ties to keep your cords out of the way.  Neatly tied cords can keep a simple, clean look in your home office.