Laptop Carts

Computer carts, or laptop carts, are small computer desks that offer owners a compact workspace at an affordable price.  Computer carts are available in a wide variety of finishes, allowing buyers to match these carts to the decor of their work area.  They are also frequently sold with locking caster wheels to allow them to be easily moved around as needed.  These desks are quite compact, generally measuring less than three feet wide.

Most computer carts are built with multiple platforms, allowing them to support a monitor, desktop PC unit, printer, and other common computer components.  Laptop carts are also commonly designed to include a drawer under one or more shelves, providing additional storage space for office supplies or printer paper.

Laptop cartsTop Pick

If your desk needs can be met by a laptop cart, then the first cart to look at is the Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop Cart.  This cart does offer a cool adjustable shelf for your laptop, allowing you to adjust the height from 35" to 44".

Desk Footprint: 22" W x 16" D

You won't find a lot of frills on the most popular laptop carts, but you will find the Techni Mobili cart is well under $100 and will fit just about anywhere.

More Laptop Carts

In addition to being used for a desktop computer or laptop, these carts can also be used as small tables for eating, reading, or as multimedia centers to support a projector.  They can be rolled away when not in use,  making them a good fit for the smallest available spaces.  Below are a few laptop carts now available on eBay.

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As mentioned earlier, laptop carts are sold in a range of styles.  They can be found in glass, metal, or woodgrain finishes.  If you need a small and inexpensive computer desk, this is a solid choice.