Roll Top Desks

The roll top desk is similar to the pedestal desk, but with the addition of a hutch and flexible sliding cover.  It became popular in the 19th century and was prominently featured in small offices everywhere.  It was mass produced as the signature roll top cover was comprised of slender wooden slats, which could be easily produced very consistently.  The wooden slats are commonly attached to a cloth or leather foundation.  Over time, the small stature of the rolltop desk made it less popular as workers demanded more space and surface area.

Cherry Rolltop DeskTop Pick

Cherry Finish Roll Top Desk - a bit larger than most small computer desks, this cherry roll top computer desk is a beautiful desk for the price.  It is currently available from visiondecor Furniture at a fraction of the list price.  It is designed to support your home office needs, complete with a drop top keyboard tray. 

Desk Footprint: 54" W x 29" D

It is difficult to find a small roll top desk, but this desk does provide space for a monitor, keyboard, and printer.  It has removable shelves, allowing you to free up space for a CPU.  Since it is a roll top computer desk, it does conceal everything nicely, giving your room a classic look and feel with a computer hidden away.

More Roll Top Desks

Roll top desks are available in a broad range of quality.  Their relative popularity over an extended period of time has made them available at affordable prices.  If you need a small desk and plan to spend a limited amount of time seated there, the antique roll top desk is an excellent choice.  Here are a few additional options, currently listed on eBay.

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If you are looking for a small, antique-style desk for your laptop computer, the roll top desk presents a truly unique option.  Roll top desks provide your home office with a classic look while giving you a little bit of storage space for basic office supplies.  Traditional roll top desks feature drawers on both sides, which give you storage space for your laptop and files.  The covered hutch can also become a useful hidden charging station.