Standing Desks

If you don't have a lot of space available for your laptop desk, a standing desk might be a good move.  There are a number of advantages to using a standing computer desk.  Losing the chair opens up a lot of room and the right standing desk can look good in just about any part of your home.  In addition, some people find the standing desk fits their work style more appropriately than a traditional desk.

Standing Computer DeskTop Pick

The Euroflex Stand-Up Mobile Workstation is an impressive standing desk that you can fit just about anywhere.  It features a steel frame and charcoal laminate finish.

If you need a light-duty desk for your home office, the Euroflex offers great value for the price. 

Desk Footprint: 58" W x 34" D x 44" H

The Euroflex has space for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and features an adjustable lower shelf that can hold a CPU tower or printer.  It includes swivel casters to allow you to easily wheel it around as needed.  The charcoal finish is a beautiful touch, making a nice fit for a home office or small business setting.

Overall, the Euroflex is a solid standing computer desk for a reasonable price.

More Standing Desks

The selection of standing computer desks out there isn't huge, but there are a few pretty cool ones besides the Euroflex out on eBay.  Here are a couple.

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I use a standing computer desk at home and love it.  While I wouldn't log an 8-hour day there, t's a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee while you read the news.