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  • 5 Cool Design Ideas
    Don't like the tiny space you're using as a home office? Here are some excellent articles on making the most of that corner or thinking outside the box to find more space.
  • Build a Custom Desk
    When working with very specific space constraints, a custom desk could be the best option. Find out how to build a custom computer desk and review the best desk plans on the web.
  • Crazy Computer Desks
    A few truly original computer desks for the more creative home office. Artists use planes, trains, and automobiles to build custom computer desks.
  • Designing a Home Office
    Designing and decorating your home office warrants careful consideration. Here are some tips to help ensure that your work environment is as productive as possible.
  • Finding Adequate Space
    If you don't have an extra bedroom or finished basement to set up your home office, what options do you have? Here are a few ideas for where you can set up a home office without disrupting your current scene.
  • Home Office Hacks
    Make your home office work even more efficiently with these tips from across the web. Learn how to hide wires, configure multiple monitors, and do other cool stuff that will rock out your home office.
  • Laptop Desk Guide
    If you are in the market for a good laptop desk, here are some important criteria and tips to consider.
  • Popular Types of Desks
    These desks are among the most popular in home office designs. Whether you opt for a large pedestal desk or small rolltop desk, there are plenty of choices.
  • Selecting a Desk
    Here are several things to consider when buying a computer desk for your home office. As with any major purchase, come up with your decision criteria before picking the desk you need.
  • Small Desk Gotchas
    When buying a small computer desk, watch out for these problems that could drive you nuts.
  • Ways to Maximize Space
    If you don't have much room for your computer desk, here are a few helpful hints to get more out of your space.
  • Worst Computer Desks
    These are the desks that didn't make the cut for Small Computer Desk Reviews. Find out if any of them might be what you have in mind.

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  • Armoire Desks
    Armoire desks are perfect for home offices that must share rooms with a bedroom or living room. Your messy computer desk is easily hidden away, hiding behind a beautiful cabinet.
  • Corner Desks
    Corner desks are a great small computer desk choice as they can make the most of a very small spatial footprint in your home.
  • Glass Desks
    Find contemporary computer desks, providing a modern glass-top look that can fit a broad range of decor.
  • Laptop Carts
    Laptop carts are ultra-small computer desks that can be moved around relatively easily and provide computer owners with a compact workspace.
  • Roll Top Desks
    The roll top desk is a unique desk choice for laptop owners who don't have significant home office demands. The antique style blends with classic decor and provides a tidy appearance.
  • Standing Desks
    If you prefer the flexibility offered by standing desks, check out the best small standing desks available.