Popular Types of Desks

When selecting a computer desk for your home office, you have several options.  Below are a few of the most popular desk styles.

Armoire Desk - a desk designed as a large armoire cabinet-style desk.  The armoire desk features cabinet doors that cover a spacious interior.  This desk style is a good choice for concealing your PC and accessories.

Fall Front Desk - the fall front desk is a tall desk with a hinged cover built on top of a set of drawers and topped by a cabinet.  It is very similar to the secretary desk, but with a vertical desktop cover rather than an angled one. 

Laptop Cart - also known as computer carts, laptop carts are small, wheeled desks that take up a minimal amount of space but provide enough surface area to support a computer and accessories.

Pedestal Desk - a large desk with a surface built on two pedestals or sets of drawers.  Also known as executive desks, pedestal desks are particularly popular in home offices with enough space for large, high-quality furniture.

Roll Top Desk - a 19th-century style desk with a flexible sliding cover.  The roll top desk is based on the pedestal desk style but with a simple roll-top cover that can hide basic office supplies or a laptop.

Secretary Desk - an unusual style desk featuring a base with drawers, an angled fold-out desktop, and a bookcase cabinet on top.  This design results in a very tall (and often heavy) desk.

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