If you've made your way to this site, you probably have some space constraints to deal with.  As someone who has lived in their share of apartment living, I understand and do have a couple of ideas that I've found helpful.

1. Mount shelves above your desk - mounting a small shelf on the wall just above your computer desk can clear quite a bit of stuff off your desk and give you back some of your precious surface area.  Shelves can be used instead of a hutch to store little things - envelopes, business cards, pens, etc - that quickly pile up and take over your desk.

2. Mount a monitor above your desk - your monitor is another space hog.  Whether you use a tower CPU or a second monitor for your laptop, the monitor can easily be mounted on the wall.  Definitely consider how you will be sitting as you work.  You'll want that monitor mounted as ergonomically as possible to avoid craning your neck up or down.

3. Hide a wireless/bluetooth printer elsewhere - printers can take up a TON of space on your desk.  Do you really need it within arms' reach?  Why not set up a bluetooth printer in the kitchen or a closet and keep it tucked away somewhere with a little bit more room to work with?  There are some great wireless and bluetooth-enabled printers on the market and you will probably find that you don't print stuff nearly as often as you think.

These are just a few simple ways to clear some physical space.  There is also a lot you can do to "unclutter the space", such as properly hiding cords and keeping those drawers well-organized.