Where to Put a Home Office

Outdoor deskIf you do not have an extra bedroom to set up your home office, you have other options.  Here are a few possible areas to take a look at.  You might find that you have more space in that house or apartment than you think.

Dining Room - rather than a low-end dining table and chairs, you could use your dining room space to set up a nice little home office.  An antique writing desk or secretary desk could blend in with your wine racks and other formal furniture, while a larger, more contemporary desk could be a nice choice if you are able to start with a blank slate.

Bedroom - was it really so many years ago that you would sit at your dorm room desk and struggle through a 22-page essay?  Chances are, you have a little bit of space in a corner or along a wall in your bedroom.  Find a cabinet desk or roll top desk that fits in with your bedroom furniture.

Living Room - if you have the space, a living room can be the perfect spot to set up a small computer desk.  Depending on your furniture and home theater setup, anything from a classic secretary desk to a modern computer desk might fit well.

Kitchen - if your options are limited and you are working with a laptop, you might find that a large kitchen has all the space you need.  Find a modern desk with a few drawers to keep your space and papers clear of spaghetti sauce.

No matter how small the space you have to work with, there is likely a small computer desk that fits your needs.